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Storytelling With Data Using Exploratory & Explanatory Analysis

Data Storytelling Introduction.

Three Important Elements Of Data Storytelling :

  • Data
  • Visualization
  • Narrative

Requirements that must be known before creating Storytelling data :

1)        The purpose of storytelling

2)        Audience background

3)        The concept of data storytelling saintific methods

4)        Exploratory Analysis

5)        Explanatory Analysis

6)        Neurology Data Storytelling

Four stages of storytelling data creation :

1)        Data

2)        Filter

3)        Visualize

4)        Stories

The concept of the scientific method of data storytelling.

The purpose of data visualization and analytics.

Exploratory Analysis Method

Explanatory Analysis Method.

The use of exploratory analysis methods on storytelling data

Principles of the human visual brain

Three ways the human visual brain works :

1)   Our visual brains are attracted by difference

2)   Our brains are designed to identify patterns

3)   Our Visual Brain Focus on moving objects

Three examples of comparison of data visualization.

The use of explanatory analysis method on storytelling data.

Work on 5 practice files for making Data Storytelling with Excel files.

Work on 1 practice file for making Data Storytelling with Powerpoint files.

Tips for Making Good Storytelling Data


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