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Everyone wants to feel respected by their manager, but over half of employees say they don’t.  What do you do if you’re in that unfortunate majority?  Try these three things:


1.Manage your energy.  Sleep, exercise, good nutrition, and stress management can help to ward off the negative effects of being disrespected by your boss.

2.Seek positive relationships. Negative, draining relationships have an effect on your sense of thriving that is four to seven times the effect of energizing, positive ones.  To offset the drain of people who pull you down, surround yourself with a small group of energizers — the people in your life who make you smile and laugh and lift your spirit.

3.Thrive outside work. If you’re happy in your non-work life, you’re more likely to thrive at the office, no matter what your boss thinks of you.  This is because enjoying yourself outside work increases your emotional reserves and gives you a sense of growth and learning.  Think  about what will make you happier outside the office, and start doing it.


- Adapted from _“How to Succeed at Work When Your Boss Doesn’t Respect You,”_ by Christine Porath - 


-Christine Porath*, is a professor of management at Georgetown University and the author of _Mastering Civility: A Manifesto for the Workplace.-

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