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Most of us think of entrepreneurs as passionate professionals who have a “fire in their belly.”  But it’s hard to maintain that level of dedication no matter how passionate you are, and research has shown that entrepreneurs’ enthusiasm for their projects can fade over time.  One way to prevent this is to avoid sticking to a plan.  Strictly adhering to your business plan is a recipe for disengagement.  You need to be flexible and agile as you learn more about your product, your customers, and the market.  This isn’t just good for your business; it keeps you excited about your project as you continue to evolve it.  By changing and refining your ideas, you can make significant progress and build your confidence.  Rather than feeling misunderstood by the outside world, you will gain a sense of control over events as they unfold, which will counter any decrease in passion over time.



*Adapted from _“How Entrepreneurs Can Keep Their Passion from Fading,”_ by Veroniek Collewaert and Frederik Anseel*



*Veroniek Collewaert* is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Vlerick Business School and KU Leuven (Belgium).  Her expertise is in entrepreneurial biases and in how entrepreneurs deal with their investors.  You can follow her on twitter as @veroniekc.


*Frederik Anseel* is Professor of Organizational Behavior at Ghent University (Belgium), where he holds the Securex Chair “Working in the 21st Century”.  He studies how people can remain engaged and vigorous in the face of challenges.  You can follow him on twitter as @fanseel.


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