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Establishing a Help Desk Building Your Customer Profile Help Desk Organization Staffing Needs Issue Management: Establishing Priority and Severity of Issues Issue Management: Procedures Logging Support Calls Help Desk Tools: Forums, Collaboration, and Communication Help Desk Tools: Problem Resolution and Help Desk Management Your Help Desk and the Internet Establishing

  Audit Sistem Manajemen Overview (Management System Audit Overview) Dasar Hukum (Legal Compliance) Istilah dan Definisi (Terms and Definition) Prinsip dan Program Audit (Principles and Audit Programme) Aktifitas Audit (Audit Activities) Competence and Skills of Auditor Pengenalan Sistem Manajemen (ISO 9001:2015/QMS, ISO 45001:2018/HS-MS, ISO 14001:2015/EMS, ISO 3

Understanding of Production Engineering. The Technology Used In Making A Product : 1)      Conventional machining processes 2)      Non-conventional machining processes 3)      Industrial processes The Basic Principles Of Production Management : 1)      Men 2) &nb