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Sales Management

Seminar/Conference Description :

Effective sales management is integral to a firm’s success a nd has both art and science at its core. In fact, in the final analysis, sales is the CORE of the final purchase decisions made by customers resulting in business revenues and profits. Without successful sales programs, there will be no business. Unlike in the accounting world , “correct” answers are often difficult to come by in many sales scenarios. Indeed, there can be several correct answers to sales problems. The challenge, then, is to find the “best” correct answer.

As a result of new economic, technical and competitive dynamics, companies are being forced to become more market oriented and customer driven. Personal sales is the single most expensive component of the Marketing Mix and has the most direct impact on purchase decisions made by the customer. The role of the sales force is expanding greatly with sales people assuming new and greater responsibility to build and manage customer relationships.

The rapidly changing technological and global marketing environment presents sales managers and sales representatives with new opportunities and challenges that require “out of the box” thinking and decisions. With this in mind, we will explore many of the issues organizations face in trying to serve customers, beginning with a discussion of general principle s and then addressing more specific strategies and tactics as the semester progresses. 

Today, there are no shortages of opportunities for skilled salespeople. In good times or bad, companies never stop looking for sales representatives that can help them meet their financial goals. If you've always dreamed of becoming successful in sales, this course is exactly what you need. You'll learn how to turn prospects into buyers, how to provide proper customer service, how to develop a sales plan, and more essential skills that are required in the sales management. 


  • Understand the personal selling process, the dynamic nature of strategic sales management and the resultant effects on an organization and its customers.
  • Understand the basic framework of different sales organization types, as well as diverse staffing and sales training strategies.
  • Understand the role of leadership in motivating a sales force.
  • Analyze and understand the pros and cons of various sales compensation and expense systems.
  • Understand the fundamental role of sales planning including forecasting, budgeting and sales territory management.
  • Comprehend how to evaluate individual and organization sales performance including the analysis of sales volume, cost and profitability.

Who should attend

  • Sales Management Professional
  • Professional Sales Staffs
  • Business Management Professional

Speaker :

  • An experienced professional with over 25 years invaluable experience of risk management along with implementing Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and Business Continuity Plan (BCP) within the agreed risk manegement methodologies and procedures
  • Professor Fauzi Hasan is world-class academecian and obtained his professorship in project management and risk management from the American Academy – International Board of Standards (IBS), Colorado Springs, Colorado USA. He has strong and real drive, also willingness to succeed and a positive, proactive approach. Proficient in banking and lending operations and knowledgeable with all governent l services. Excellent research skills in preparing fraudulant investigation reports.
  • The industrial exposures and coverage resides within the mid level-intensive-technology based enterprises till high level-intensive-technology based industries with extensive project management spectrum of requirements. The industries at where Prof. Fauzi Hasan has got practical hands on and delivered direct contributions to the completion and success of the projects, and encompasses areas of industries such as: banking, Information Technology and Telecommunications, manufacturing, Oil and Gas industries; and other service industries.

Outline :

  • Lesson 01: Sales Management
    • During our first lesson, we'll unlock the secret to your success as a sales professional. There's no magic in this procedure, and you're not predestined for success or failure. Good sales reps aren't born that way. This course will guide you to success in your sales efforts via planning, hard work, feedback, and practice.
  • Lesson 02: Time Management in Sales
    • In this lesson, we'll examine three major components of a successful time management program such as: setting priorities, planning your time, and using commercially available time management tools. Mastering those concepts will enable you to build a meaningful time management system and integrate it into your schedule. Granted, many people have demands on their time that don't allow them all the flexibility they would like, so we'll spend some time discussing that, too
  • Lesson 03: Marketing Technique
    • Your sales process begins with marketing. So in this lesson, we're going to sharpen our skills in basic marketing techniques. We'll talk about how to get off to the right start, and then we'll build on that by examining cost versus benefits. Finally, we'll explore tactics associated with tracking the results of your marketing efforts.
  • Lesson 04: The Arts of Prospecting
    • Most new sales reps are intimidated by the thought of prospecting. In today's lesson, you'll gain the basic tools that you need to excel at the art of prospecting to help you become the best prospector in your company. There are a variety of ways to prospect, including using the phone, direct mail, faxing, e-mails, and old-fashioned cold calling. We'll discuss the basic components of each in this lesson, and you'll learn how to maximize your time while prospecting. After today's lesson, I hope you'll see that prospecting isn't just easy to do—it can also be quite enjoyable!
  • Lesson 05: Pipeline Management
    • In this lesson, we'll address the challenge of pipeline management by exploring three important areas. First, we'll discuss how to create your first pipeline management system. Next, we'll go further into the details of a prospect database—the core of your pipeline management system. Finally, we'll identify and define the key components of your system.
  • Lesson 06: Initiating The Sales
    • In this lesson, we'll focus on an innovative approach in the sales world, called the "initial call." If you must select a single lesson in this course to master, this would be the one! As we go through this lesson, we'll begin by studying the structure of your first call. Second, we'll talk about a unique approach called a "site study" that will help move you toward closing the sale. Finally, we'll talk about preparing for the next step in the sales process.
  • Lesson 07: Creating The Proposals
    • Today's topic is intended to give you the material you need to separate you from the majority of your competition by helping you with the art of executing a professional proposal. The first step is creating the proposal. There's a methodology to professional proposal creation, and in this lesson, you'll learn all the information you need to know to develop top-notch proposals. Proposal refinement and delivery are also important parts of, the process, and we'll go over those in detail, too.
  • Lesson 08: Creating Effective Presentation
    • A lot of sales professionals say that presentations are the most enjoyable part of the sales cycle. When you hire into a new company, this may be what they teach you first. Everyone is (or should be) proud of their product or service, and so they're excited to share it with others. In today's lesson, we'll go over how to develop the most effective presentation techniques—the ones that will give you the greatest chance of winning the sale. We'll start by discussing presentation options, then we'll move on to the structure of your presentation. Finally, we'll examine some of the presentation tools available to you.
  • Lesson 09: Sales Negotiations
    • This lesson will focus on the art of negotiating in the sales process. Sales negotiations are quite different from standard negotiations because you, the sales representative, are always doing a fine balancing act, trying to sell your prospect while negotiating a win-win-win situation. Sometimes the negotiating process can cause conflicts, so in this lesson, we'll discuss how to identify and deal with these conflicts.
  • Lesson 10: Closing The Sale
    • If you were to ask professional sales reps about the aspect of sales they dread the most, a good percentage would respond, "Closing the sale!" However, if you were to ask the same professional sales reps about the aspect of sales they enjoy the most, an equal percentage may very well reply, "Closing the sale!" Why is there such a difference? The answer can be summarized in three words: training, confidence, and technique. By the time you finish this lesson, you'll be equipped with all three.
  • Lesson 11: Customer Loyalty and Retainment
    • The greatest resource any sales representative will ever have is a current list of customers. The company probably expended a great deal of effort and expense into acquiring these clients, so it makes sense that you should put a good deal of effort into retaining these clients. In this lesson, we'll discuss how to protect this valuable asset. Most people think of their clients in the singular sense of people who are currently using their products. You should try to expand this thinking to include all people who have used your products or services. If they made a decision to buy your product at some time in the past, they remain your odds-on favorites to buy again in the future.
  • Lesson 12: Secrets of Sales Success
    • In our final lesson, we'll go over the major components of your secrets to sales success. If you've paid close attention to all the basics that we covered in the previous lessons, you already know these secrets. By developing a comprehensive action plan that incorporates these strategies into your daily activities, you'll ensure your long-term success in the world of sales.



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