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Supply Chain Management

Seminar/Conference Description :

This course shall describe a contemporary and international supply chain management. The increasing integration of all functions of the firm requires that supply chain professionals must be aware of the impact that logistical decision-making has on other elements of the firm’s strategic goals and objectives.

In addition, the current logistics and supply chain professional must have an awareness of the changes in and increased use of technology, emphasis on strategic planning, and supply chain integration as a competitive imperative, and the practice of supply chain is a professional discipline.

Participants will be expected to gain a working understanding of how to identify reference and implement logistics management and control policies, standards and related supply chain/ logistics operation standards.

Regarding the latter, the objective is to learn how to identify and interpret the requirements of the standards and implement the standards in the logistics process.

Each class session will include discussion on logistics management, security, control or supply chain management issues that participants should be familiar with.



  • To promote recognition and acceptance of professional status for people involved in supply chain operations among other areas of business management.
  • To develop performance standards and operational guidelines that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of supply chain management.
  • To increase the degree to which the individual gains personal confidence, satisfaction, and pride from direct involvement in supply chain management and operations.
  • The use of technology and information systems to provide the basis for firm- and supply chain-wide integration and cooperation is necessary for successful operations.

Who should attend

  • Supply chain /Logistics Managers
  • Business Managers
  • Logistics and operation staff

Speaker :

  • An experienced professional with over 25 years invaluable experience of risk management along with implementing Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and Business Continuity Plan (BCP) within the agreed risk manegement methodologies and procedures
  • Professor Fauzi Hasan is world-class academecian and obtained his professorship in project management and risk management from the American Academy – International Board of Standards (IBS), Colorado Springs, Colorado USA. He has strong and real drive, also willingness to succeed and a positive, proactive approach. Proficient in banking and lending operations and knowledgeable with all governent l services. Excellent research skills in preparing fraudulant investigation reports.
  • The industrial exposures and coverage resides within the mid level-intensive-technology based enterprises till high level-intensive-technology based industries with extensive project management spectrum of requirements. The industries at where Prof. Fauzi Hasan has got practical hands on and delivered direct contributions to the completion and success of the projects, and encompasses areas of industries such as: banking, Information Technology and Telecommunications, manufacturing, Oil and Gas industries; and other service industries.

Outline :

  • Introduction to Supply Chain
    • This module highlight and emphasize on the operational and technical definition of supply chain and the elements that support its operation
    • Supply Chain & Management
    • Definition of SCM
    • Internet – Enabled Supply Chain
    • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Value Chain Management
    • This module describes the intrinsic of value chain within the frame and cycle of supply chain management
    • Fulfilment Optimisation
    • Logistics Optimisation
    • Production Optimisation
    • Revenue and Profit Optimisation
  • Logistics and Distribution
    • This module describes on the distribution and operation of supply chain supported by operational system.
    • Logistics and distribution Management
    • Logistics and Information System
    • Warehouse Management System - WMS
  • Outsourcing in SCM
    • This module describes the practice of outsourcing in supply chain management and the impact in the business model.
    • Business Process Outsourcing
    • New Business Model
    • Transformation
  • Distribution and Warehousing
    • This module describes on the distribution and warehousing management, and implementation of the governing mechanism within supply chain components such as:
    • Distribution and warehousing.
    • Channels of Distribution
    • Warehousing and Storage
    • Inventory Management and Stock Control
    • Material Control
  • Logistics Cost Planning
    • This module describes elaborately on the aspect operational cost as related to supply chain management operation and covers isuues such as:
    • Purpose
    • Implementation Consideration
    • Integration
  • Supply Chain Management Improvement
    • This module describes comprehensively on the planned initiatives in line with objective to improve supply chain operation, considering internal and external elements such as
    • • Best Partners
    • • Source of Speed
    • • SAP Overview
  • e-Supply Chain
    • This module highlights on the principles on electronic supply chain and emphasizes on the components, infrastructure, and the impacts to the whole business organization, and describes the followings:
    • The Final Frontier
    • E-SCM
    • Benefits of Buyers and Suppliers
    • E-SCM Solution
    • The Future
  • SCOR Model
    • This module describes on the supply chain reference model such as: SCORE which encompasses the following building blocks and the Model that has been able to successfully describe and provide a basis for supply chain improvement for global projects as well as site-specific projects wich covers the followings:
    • Plan
    • Source
    • Make
    • Deliver
    • Return
  • Case Studies
    • Specific supply chain/ logistic cases will be analyzed and evaluated to provide technical and process analytical capability to the participants to assist them in coping with actual situation in their day-to-day supply chain operations.


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